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Fire Safety Inspections
It is the policy of the Garden City Fire Department to annually inspect Garden City places of business. During these inspections, firefighters familiarize themselves with the structure and layout of your business. This inspections is important to firefighters so that they may perform with the quickest speed and efficiency in the event of an emergency at your location. During these inspections, firefighters also perform a life safety inspection that identifies hazards or potential hazards that could increase the risk of fire or impair the escape and survival of you, your staff, or your customers in the event of an emergency. Firefighters will identify these fire code violations for you, may offer suggestions for improvement, and if necessary, issue a violation notice giving the business a time period in which to comply with fire code.

Construction Phase
Many new business owners find that fire safety inspections are beneficial even during the construction phase. Firefighters may be able to help you anticipate fire code violations, saving you time and money. If you are a new or established business and wish to schedule your annual inspection or request to have a fire safety inspection performed in addition to your annual inspection, please contact the Garden City Fire Department by telephone at 620-276-1140.

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