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A copy of the site plan, as approved by Planning and Development, is to be delivered to the Electric Department located at 140 Harvest Street. It is the developer's, general contractor's and/or the electrician's responsibility to set up an appointment to meet with the Electric Utility Superintendent Cliff Sonnenberg and/or Foreman Kent Pottorf to discuss the project in question. All material orders and plans will be made by the Electric Department after this meeting has taken place. Delays on the developer's, contractor's and / or electrician's part will delay any work on the project by the Electric Department. If any changes are made after the electric service is planned or installed, any and all charges to make these changes will be billed directly to the developer or contractor and will result in delay of service.

It is the goal of the Electric Department to provide requested services on schedule and as economically as possible. The bidding process and long delays in material shipments (12 - 14 weeks) requires early project review and designs to accomplish project schedules.

Fees for building permit, CCP permit, meters, deposits, and service size to be paid to Inspection Department. Any other electrical fees will be billed directly from the Electric Utility Service Center. All fees must be paid before electricity is installed.

Contact Info
Electric Utility Service Center
Phone: 620-276-1290

Community Development

Inspection Department
Phone: 620-276-1120
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