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Advanced Metering Infrastructure
The first water meter upgraded from manual reading to automated reading was at the Garden City Fire Department on January 27, 2010. Garden City is one of very few cities in the state of Kansas to have implemented an AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system and the first to implement a Fixed Base System. According to state officials, Garden City is leading the way with our water meter change out program.

*The Water Department actively continues its meter change out program to keep with the 10 year rotation cycle.

The AMI benefits both the City and the customer by eliminating the need for manual meter readers plus monitoring capabilities that include assisting customers in detecting water leaks. The meters in an AMI system are often referred to as smart meters since they often can use collected data based on programmed logic. This program spotlights problem areas and is especially helpful with reads in winter, when our water meters are covered with snow and ice.

                                                       Sensus Smart Meter

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