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Drainage Utility Fees
Storm Sewer
Storm Sewer repairs and maintenance throughout the City is the responsibility of the Street Department. The operating budget of the drainage utility shall set forth the estimated revenues and costs for operation and maintenance extension and replacement, and debt service. This administers the requirements for Storm Water Phase II mandate. The drainage fee is reasonably proportional to the amount of surface water runoff contributed to the drainage utility system by the benefited real property. Fee schedule as follows:
Type of Property
Fee (per month)
 $1.00 (per dwelling unit)

Commercial & Industrial Properties
Commercial and Industrial property fees are based on the number of parking spaces.
Number of Parking Spaces
Fee (per month)
1 - 10
11 - 50
50 - 200
200 or more

Exemption Requirements
Monies in such fund shall be used for any costs associated with the drainage utility. You can be exempt for two years for credits for landscaping and detention. The following are entitled to a two-year exemption from the payment of drainage fees:
  • Multi-family or commercial and industrial property that have or build privately owned, landscaped facilities for the temporary storage and subsequent controlled discharge of surface water runoff (detention) will pay one-half the drainage fees established.
  • New multi-family or commercial and industrial properties that provide twice the landscaping than that set forth in the current requirements for new development.
  • Pre-existing multi-family or commercial and industrial property that upgrade landscaping to meet current requirements for new development.

Report a Problem
Residents desiring to report broken inlets or flooding problems should contact Public Works at 620-276-1260. After hours or emergency contacts should be directed to the Garden City Police Dispatcher at 620-276-1300.

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