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Debris Removal
Debris on the roadway that is obstructing traffic or causing a dangerous situations will be removed by the Street Department. Residents desiring to report glass or objects on the roadway that affect public safety should contact the Street Department at (620) 276-1270. After hours or emergency contacts should be directed to the Garden City Police Department at (620) 276-1300.

Snow Removal
The City's Policy is to keep major streets, steep hills and controlled intersections passable by removing measurable accumulations of snow and sanding to counter the effects of ice build-up.  The primary goal is to keep main arterials passable for public transportation and emergency vehicles.  The secondary goal is to clear snow and control ice on all other arterials, collectors and steep sloped streets for general public use as quickly as possible.

Alley Maintenance
The Street Department Division of Public Works has a systematic program to grade and maintain all alleys in the City. Though we do make a special effort to accommodate citizens requests for alley maintenance, we cannot always fulfill requests of extra gravel. The City does not buy gravel for alleys, instead they recycle gravel from the Street Sealing Program. Gravel is thus in limited supply. Gravel used for alleyways is used to bring up the condition of the alleys in the worst condition first. We appreciate your patience in this area. Citizens can prolong the life of their alleys by ensuring that water from grass sprinklers does not reach alley way surface.

Curb and Gutter
Broken curb and gutter on public streets throughout the City are repaired / replaced by the Street Division. They are treated on a case-by-case basis. Each individual case is placed on the Public Work's list for repairing / replacement. If funds are available towards the end of the year, those funds will be used for repairs / replacement of bad curbs and gutters. 

Mowing & Weed Control
The Street Division is responsible for mowing and weed control along ditches, bridges, and City owned property in the City limits, except for parks, cemeteries, water reservoirs, and recreation areas. 

Private property mowing and weed control is the responsibility of the property owner and is controlled through the Building Inspection Department by the Code Enforcement Officer.

Garden City residents cleaning up personal property can enjoy the convenient disposal of yard waste or other items by renting a City dump truck for a night or weekend. View complete Rent-A-Truck Program GuidelinesCall the Public Works Department at (620) 276-1260 to reserve a truck. City workers will park a City dump truck on your property before 5:00 p.m. and pick it up the following morning. For weekend reservations, the truck will be delivered on Friday before 5:00 p.m. and picked up first thing Monday morning. The truck must be parked on the resident’s property (no street or alleyway parking). A minimum charge of $30.00 is assessed each time the service is used. Pre-payment is required.

Annual Street Sealing Program
Garden City's Pavement Management Program is in charge of construction projects involving pavement repair, crack sealing, and chip sealing treatment. While Garden City's Engineering Department is in charge of total reconstruction street projects involving milling and overlay, or concrete. Every year, approximately 20 miles of City streets undergo a routine maintenance program involving cracking sealing, repairing of all bad spots (potholes), and finishing with a chip seal treatment. This is done on a six-year rotation plan.

The City currently does the Crack Sealing and Street Sealing in six cycles:
  • Cycle 1 - Southwest Section of town (south of Kansas Avenue and west of Eighth Street)
  • Cycle 2 - Northwest Section of town (north of Kansas Avenue, south of Mary Street and east of Third Street)
  • Cycle 3 - Southeast Section of town (south of Kansas Avenue and east of Main Street)
  • Cycle 4 - North of Kansas Avenue, South of Mary and east of Third Street
  • Cycle 5 - North of Mary Street and north of Kansas Avenue and east of Taylor Avenue
  • Cycle 6 - North of Kansas Avenue and east of Campus Drive, south of Kansas Avenue and east of Center Street

Annual Crack Sealing Program
The Annual Crack Sealing Program is usually conducted and completed in the fall and winter months.  This allows the cracks in the streets to open up and received the best results.  The main goal is to keep moisture from penetrating into the road base which causes potholes and to control weeds and grass from growing in the cracks.

Street Sweeping
Residential streets are swept annually, while the highways, downtown area, overpasses, and collector streets are swept once a week, once a month, or as needed, depending on the street. Residential sweepers are also responsible for sweeping up the sealing material after the chip seal treatment has cured. Sweeping schedules may change due to weather conditions. Very cold conditions will stop sweeping operations because of freezing water lines. 

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