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Fire Inspections
Fire Inspections
The Fire Department conducts routine fire inspections of commercial, industrial and apartment buildings to ensure public safety and to obtain updated information on hazardous materials for the safety of the building occupants, firefighters, and the community.

Two of the most common violations found are expired fire extinguishers and inoperative exit signs. By replacing out dated fire extinguishers and burned out bulbs in exit signs the inspection process can be performed in a timely manner.

The Garden City Fire Marshal's office coordinates fire and life safety inspections and related services. Some services include:

  • New construction plan reviews
  • New construction inspections
  • Fire Line Flushing
  • Fire Line Hydrostatic Testing
  • Fire Sprinkler Hydrostatic Testing 
  • Hood System Fire Suppression System Testing 
  • Fire Alarm Acceptance Testing
  • Knox Box Applications; for purchase of equipment 
  • New Commercial Building

For additional information or to schedule a fire inspection for a new business contact Fire Chief Allen Shelton by e-mail or phone (620) 276-1140.

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