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Electric Light Plant
Garden City Electric was built in 1898, just west of the Windsor Hotel. Built by an Eastern Trust Company (who had come into possession of the Windsor Hotel), this electric light plant was built to light the hotel and as much of the town that would use lights. It was in operation for seven years without profit before being sold in 1907.

Sugar & Land Company
In 1906, the Sugar and Land Company opened a Sugar Beet Factory west of town, that provided its own power for operations with its very own electric power plant. Electric current pumped water to the beet fields, as well as furnished power for light and other purposes to the towns of Garden City, Lakin, Deerfield, and Holcomb.

Build Plant
With the increasing load the Garden City Sugar Company began to encourage the city to build its own electric plant, which they eventually did and began operating in 1914. 

In 1955, the Sugar Beet Factory closed and in 1967, its six story building was torn down, but the power plant remains as a part of Wheatland Electric.

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