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Charge Definitions
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Customer Charge:

Covers fixed administrative costs and overhead fees incurred by having a meter on and available for customer use.  Fee schedule as follows:

Per City Codebook Sections 90-302 through 306

Residential - $19.50 per month
Small General Service - $40.00 per month
Large General Service - $85.00 per month
Churches and Schools - $15.00 per month
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Demand is an indication of the capacity of equipment required to furnish electricity to the individual consumer. Kilowatt-hours per month are no indication of the rating of equipment the utility must install to furnish a particular maximum power requirement during the month without overheating or otherwise straining its facilities. What is needed in this case is a measure of the maximum demand for power during the month. The demand meter answers this need.
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Drainage Utility:

Storm Sewer repairs and maintenance throughout the City is the responsibility of the Street Department. The operating budget of the drainage utility shall set forth the estimated revenues and costs for operation and maintenance extension and replacement, and debt service. The drainage fee is reasonably proportional to the amount of surface water runoff contributed to the drainage utility system by the benefited real property.  Monies in such fund shall be used for any costs associated with the drainage utility.  Fee schedule as follows:

City Codebook Section 90-379

Residential property $1.50 per month
Multi-family property $1.00 per month, per dwelling unit
Commercial and industrial property
(Number of parking spaces)
1 - 10 $3.00 per month
11 - 50 $6.00 per month
50 - 200 $11.25 per month
200+ $22.50 per month

Residents desiring to report broken inlets or flooding problems should contact Public Works at 276-1260 or e-mail at . After hours or emergency contacts should be directed to the Garden City Police Dispatcher at 276-1300.  
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Wastewater is synonymous with sewage and the two terms may be interchanged without altering the meaning of either.

Wastewater collection and treatment system means a system including sanitary sewers, sewer mains, pump stations, processing and treating facilities, holding ponds, etc., all used for the gathering, transporting and treating of wastewater prior to its reentry into rivers, streams or other bodies of water.

There are hereby levied on all persons using the wastewater collection and treatment system of the city, a schedule of charges as provided in this division.

City Codebook Section 90-204

Residential:  Single family dwelling
Base charge, per month:  $7.00
Plus, for each 1,000 gallons, per month:  $2.00
Maximum monthly charge not to exceed $67.00
New billing address:  $23.00

Multifamily use:  Duplex and greater
Per dwelling unit, per month:  $19.00

Single metered mobile homes or manufactured housing:
Per dwelling unit, per month:  $19.00

Commercial Use:
Base charge, per month:  $12.00
Plus, for each 1,000 gallons, per month:  $2.00
New billing address:  $32.00
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Solid Waste:

The charges to be assessed and paid by a customer for collection, hauling and disposal of refuse shall be as follows:

City Codebook Section 74-37

Residential: The charges for each residential unit shall be $22.50 per month in accordance with the billing rules established by ordinance for payment of utility bills. Residential units utilizing the individual roll-out refuse containers shall be considered residential, and shall be billed accordingly. Those residential units requesting additional individual roll-out refuse containers shall be charged an additional fee of $11.00 per month per each additional refuse container. Multiple family units shall be billed $22.50 per unit per month.

Commercial: The charges to be paid by each commercial unit for the collection, hauling and disposal of refuse shall be fixed at $15.75 per month per cubic yard collected weekly in accordance with the following schedule of charges:

Container Capacity (Cu. Yard) 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 $15.75  $31.50 $47.25 $63.00 $78.75 $94.50
1.5 $23.63 $47.25 $70.88 $94.50 $118.13 $141.75
2 $31.50 $63.00 $94.50 $126.00 $157.50 $189.00
3 $47.25 $94.50 $141.75 $189.00 $236.25 $283.50
4.5 $70.88 $141.75 $212.63 $283.50 $354.38 $425.25
6 $94.50 $189.00 $283.50 $378.00 $472.50 $567.00
9 $141.75 $283.50 $425.25 $567.00 $708.75 $850.50
12 $189.00 $378.00 $567.00 $756.00 $945.00 $1,134.00
15 $236.25 $472.50 $708.75 $945.00 $1,181.25 $1,417.50
18 $283.50 $567.00 $850.50 $1,134.00 $1,417.50 $1,701.00
21 $330.75 $661.50 $992.25 $1,323.00 $1,653.75 $1,984.50


*There will be a minimum charge of $15.75 per month for any commercial account.

Administrative fee: There will be an additional charge of $15.00 for customers requesting changes of service.

Special collection: The charges for the collection of items of refuse excluded from regular collection by the city shall be fixed in accordance with the following schedule of charges:

1 Minimum charge (per container) $45.00
2 Minimum charge for a grouping of two or more containers $35.00
3 Collection requiring labor (per container per hour) $60.00
4 Special Traffic way Rent-A-Truck (per truckload) $30.00
5 Special clean-up charge for Poly-Karts (per hour)  $15.00 



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Water Protection Fee:

All water utility providers must register to collect, report, and remit a Water Protection Fee to the Kansas Department of Revenue. This fee is collected on the retail sale of water delivered through mains, lines, or pipes by public water suppliers and on water appropriated for industrial and stock-watering uses.

The rate is $0.03 per 1,000 gallons of water. An additional fee for the inspection and regulation of public water supplies, of $0.002 per 1,000 gallons of water sold at retail, is remitted with the Water Protection Fee. The Water Protection Fee is not subject to Kansas sales tax (K.S.A. 79-3647). 

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