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Neighborhood Improvement Project
About NIP
The NIP is a volunteer driven effort to improve the area and quality of life for the citizens in Garden City and Finney County through community oriented projects.

Over the course of the last two years, the Neighborhood Improvement Project has been able to mobilize Garden City’s youth for the purposes of improving the quality of life in the community by conducting neighborhood clean ups and graffiti paint-overs.


Throughout the latter part of 2009, the Citizen’s Totally Against Graffiti had grown stagnant and was making little progress in its goal to significantly reduce graffiti in Garden City. In response to this, members of the group examined some perceived flaws in the program, specifically the lack of wide-spread public support for the initiative. The group’s focus and approach were then modified using Garden City Police Department School Resource Officers to promote ways for young people to become more involved in their community.

On November 3, 2009 the initial presentation introducing the Neighborhood Improvement Project was held at the Garden City High School courtyard. Approximately thirty people attended the presentation. Student activity groups were contacted during the weeks that followed to generate interest conducting community oriented projects. Members of the National Honor Society, the Spanish National Honor Society, STUCO, the Green Club, KEY Club, Flight Club, the Garden City High School Band, PATH and the Re-Generation Club have become the invaluable partners in the NIP who actively complete designated activities.

In its first year:
• The Neighborhood Improvement Project has grown from twenty one volunteers to well over one thousands participants.
• Over 300 tons of garbage have been collected and removed from neighborhoods in Garden City and Finney County.
• Over 100 gallons of paint have been used in graffiti paint over projects this year.
• Over 4,000 hours of volunteer time have been completed this year.
• The NIP has collected more than $5,000 in corporate donations from local businesses

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