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Water Testing and Processing
Drinking Water Testing:
The Wastewater Treatment Facility maintains a fully certified and KDHE accredited laboratory. Landlords may submit a request to the Wastewater Facility to conduct water sample testing for submission to the State of Kansas. Upon obtaining approval from KDHE, the Wastewater Lab will conduct monthly drinking water testing.

For more information please contact Anca Jucan, Laboratory Analyst at 276-1280.

Water Re-Use:

The Wastewater Treatment Facility re-uses the treated wastewater as utility water for washing facilities and for site irrigation. This water is "non-potable", meaning water that is not of drinking water quality, but which may still be used for many other purposes. Some of the effluent (out-going water) leaves the facility through the outfall line and is used by neighboring farms for crop irrigation.
The remaining effluent leaves the facility through a pipe into an irrigation canal and finally flows to the Arkansas River.

Bio-Solids Processing:

The Wastewater Treatment Facility processes Class B Bio-Solids, which are treated, but still contain detectable levels of pathogens. This Class is authorized for some crop use, however, use by the general public for fertilizer is not authorized. Even for farming use there are buffer requirements, public access and crop harvesting restrictions for all forms of Class B Bio-Solids. Farmers may request the use of bio-solids for land application. This is subject to performing a soil analysis and approval from the Wastewater lab, according to KDHE guidelines.

Please contact Anca Jucan, Laboratory Analyst at 276-1280 to obtain information about bio-solids land application.

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