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Monument Rules & Regulations
Valley View Cemetery
No permanent monument or grave marker may be placed at Valley View Cemetery unless it is constructed of granite, marble, or bronze. All foundations for monuments must be made of cement or granite. Concrete foundations shall be made with a mixture of sharp, clean sand and concrete at a ratio of five to one. Foundations shall be at least 6 inches deep and not more than 24 inches wide. All foundations for monuments are to include a cement or granite skirt of 3 inches all the way around the monument itself. No restrictions are made as to the style or height of the monuments. Vases attached to the monument must be placed on the monument as to not protrude in front of or behind the monument. It is the monument company’s responsibility to erect all monuments. Corner markers of granite or better may be placed if they do not rise above the level of the ground. They may be a maximum of 6 inches square by 12 inches deep.

Example Monument for Website.jpg    website pics 001.JPG  monuments 042.jpg
   Upright Granite Monument                           Bench                                  Park Bench

Marker Placement
Government markers set flat on a concrete foundation will be set by cemetery personnel upon request. More elaborate mountings of government markers must be done by a monument company. Cemetery personnel must locate and mark proper placement for all monuments. No monument, including a foundation, skirt, and/or vase may be erected if it will encroach on alleys or spaces not owned by the purchaser or their family.

Note: Check with the cemetery personnel for the width of grave space and if space(s) are paid for in full. Monuments may be placed at the head and/or foot of a grave. (Subject to the approval of the director.)

Sunset Memorial Gardens
At Sunset Memorial Gardens no upright monument of any kind are allowed. Flush type plaques of bronze or granite grassers only are allowed; permanent vases are allowed only if they are part of the plaque. If room allows, vases may be attached to the north or south end of the plaque. All concrete foundations for plaques must be made of a ratio of 5 -1. Foundations must be at least 3 1/2 inches deep and not more than 24 inches wide. All foundations for plaques must include a cement skirt of 3 inches. No plaque may be placed without a foundation.

misc. pictures 096.jpg        monuments 063.jpg
 Flat Granite Grasser                      Bronze Plaque

Government Markers
Government markers (granite, marble, bronze) will be set by cemetery personnel upon request at no charge. Cemetery personnel must locate and mark proper placement for all monuments. No monument, including foundation, skirt, and vases, may be erected if it will encroach on spaces not owned by the purchaser.

monuments 063.jpg     
       Bronze Plaque

Marker Removal
Because of the close proximity of grave spaces, monument may be temporarily removed in order to dig graves on adjacent spaces. Cemetery personnel as soon as possible at no expense to the family will reset the monument.

Note: Check with cemetery personnel for the correct width of grave spaces. Burial rights shall be paid in full before a monument will be allowed to be placed on the grave space. At Sunset Memorial Gardens plaques are to be placed at the head of a grave only.

Decoration Removal
In order to maintain the uniformity and beauty at Valley View Cemetery and, Sunset Memorial Gardens cemetery personnel is asking the public to come and pick up their grave decorations or artificial flowers that are on loved ones gravesite before March 1st, so that staff can get ready for the grass growing season. If the decorations or artificial flowers are attached to the monument or in a vase they will be able to stay. Any items that are on the concrete or granite foundations will be able to stay. For further information and permission to display decorations during the dates listed above, please contact Valley View Cemetery at 620-276-1220.

City Ordinance - Section 30 – 43 Grave Decorations
Artificial or cut flowers in approved permanent monument vases are permitted year-round. Graves with no monument, flowers are to be placed at the head of the grave in the space provided for a monument until monument is set. At no time shall flowers not in permanent monument vases, solar lights, or other decoration be placed on a grave or in the grass area around monument from March 1st to October 31st. Winter decoration from November 1st to February 28th shall be placed around monuments as to not interfere with equipment in process of digging graves. All winter decorations and artificial flowers placed in the ground will be removed and disposed of by cemetery personnel on or after March 1st of each year. Memorial Day decorations are permitted one week before and two weeks after Memorial Day. If not removed by owner, cemetery personnel shall be authorized to remove and dispose of all decorations. Persons wanting to have temporary decoration on a grave for a period not to exceed one week must get prior permission by calling the Cemetery Director’s office. Dates to be approved for temporary decorations are the deceased person’s: Birth Date, Death Date Anniversary, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and national or religious holidays.

Permitted Decorations

Nothing shall be placed on any grave or lot except monuments and markers without the special written permit of the Cemetery Director, except for flowers in permanent monument vases. Wreaths, flags, and other temporary decorations shall be removed by the Cemetery Director at the Cemetery Director’s discretion. All decorations shall be placed within the boundaries of a lot or space. Any decorations placed outside of the boundaries of lot or space shall be removed by the Cemetery Director without notice to the owner or person placing the decoration at the location. The Cemetery Director shall be authorized to use the Director's discretion to remove and dispose of non-complying decorations. Unless an agreement has been made beforehand with the Cemetery Director, no articles will be returned to the owner or person placing them on lot or space.

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