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Online Payment-FAQ's

Q:  I am trying to make a payment, but when the message comes up saying you will be navigating away from this page, nothing happens.

A:  Please make sure popups are not being blocked.  At the top of the page right click in the blocked popup message and select always allow popups from this site.


Q:  I am trying to make more than one payment at a time, why do I get a message that my transaction was not completed?

A:  Try logging off, closing your internet browser and starting over. 


Q:  Why aren’t all of my utility accounts listed under my login?

A:  Your Biller ID is associated with your name, and is what links your accounts together.  The Biller ID should be the same number on all of your utility bills.  If you have accounts with multiple Biller ID’s, under the same name, please contact us so that we may get this corrected.


Q:  Why do some of my available statements look different than what I received in the mail when I view them?

A:  Prior to October 1st, 2012, the only statements available for us to share with you are the ones we generated for internal use only.  The City felt having prior statements available, should you need them, would be better than not having any at all.  Every account has 20 available slots for a prior statement to occupy.  A statement will take up one slot, and a disconnect notice will take up one slot.


Q:  What is the difference between pending payments, and payments received?

A:  Payments received means we have received your payment, and it has been posted to your account.  Payments showing as pending, have been received, but are not posted.  Your online payments can take up to 24 hours to post, depending on what time the payment was made.  Daily transactions will close at midnight.  Any payments made prior to midnight, will be considered payments received for that day.

Q:  How do I change my log in information/email address?

A:  Once you have logged in, click on Update Account Information.

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