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Memorial Day Decorations Announcement

Memorial Day Decorations are permitted beginning Monday, May 18th, 2015.

To maintain the beautification and uniformity of Sunset Memorial Gardens and Valley View Cemetery,  we ask that all Memorial Day Decorations be placed on the grassy areas around the monument, on the monument, and monument foundation only.

Due to safety concerns the following items are recommended as decorations:

Any items manufactured with resin, plastic, metal, concrete, stone, granite, marble, cloth.

Items not recommended:

Any items manufactured with glass, ceramic, porcelain, or clay.

Decoration Removal Date:     Monday, June 15th, 2015
Any decorations left in the grassy area around the monument will be removed from the grave due to maintenance concerns. 

Plantings are not allowed without permission from the Cemetery Director.  Plants placed in the wrong area will be removed. The City only allows flowers to be planted on the North and South sides of the monuments, not in front or behind the monuments and only if space provides.

Additional Information

  • No permanent plants of any type are allowed at Sunset Memorial Gardens.
  • No tree planting is allowed: The City of Garden City has a master plan of where trees are to be placed.

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