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City of Garden City New Municipal Aquatic Facility(ies)

  • Department:City Manager
  • Start Date:04/08/2019 11:03 AM
  • Close Date:05/20/2019


City of Garden City New Municipal Aquatic Facility(ies)
The City of Garden City is seeking proposals for a professional firm to work with the City of Garden City to develop the preliminary design and estimated cost of a new municipal aquatic facility(ies). Firms interested should use the survey data collected by The City of Garden City in their Community Input Process. The survey data should be used to help influence the design size, location, features and number/type of facilities to be included. For considerations, proposals for the project must provide evidence of the firm’s experience and abilities in the specified area(s) and other disciplines directly related to the proposed service. Firm designs will be turned over to the community at large via the City’s website, social media platforms and utility bills for another round of community input. Firms submitting designs should include a price for their proposed design as the price will accompany the design in the community input piece.


The City of Garden City is a full-service city with a population of approximately 31,293 which was incorporated in 1883. The City provides a full range of municipal services including operating its own Police Department, water and sewer utility and Fire Department, but is serviced by Finney County Emergency Services. The City employs 348 full-time employees. The total budget for FY 2018/2019 is $116,974,805. All legislative power is held by the publicly-elected, five-member City Commission. All Commission Members have equal authority, the Mayor; however, has the additional responsibility of presiding over City Commission meetings, signing official documents and performing ceremonial functions. The City Commission appoints the City Manager and the City Attorney, enacts ordinances and resolutions, establishes policy direction for management staff, and reviews and approves the annual budget expenditures for the City.
The Big Pool had a 2018 actual budget of just under $700,000 in expenses. Additionally, the pool is 97 years old, an important piece of Garden City history, loses 200,000 gallons of water a day (10% of total), and only sees on average of 300 people per day. The Big Pool falls under the control of the Assistant City Manager who hires a seasonal pool manager and more than 50 staff members to work the open hours each season. The Assistant City Manager performed a Community Input Process that provided face-to-face meetings with more than 6,000 citizens and survey responses from more than 4,500. Firms can access survey data along with all comments from surveys through the City’s website.
The main objective of the process is for the firms interested to take the data we have collected, the money we are currently spending, and land available to the City and create a design that reflects the survey responses of the community. The City of Garden City would like it to be a multi-generational appeal, an array of appropriate community uses and serve a variety of needs. The City of Garden City wants the survey results to influence the options.

All the designs received through the RFP process that meet the RFP requirements will be included in another community input process via our website, social media platforms and City utility bills whereby the community has a chance to select their favorite. Firms that want to be considered for this project must submit their proposals electronically to the following e-mail address, titled “City of Garden City New Municipal Aquatic Facility(ies)” by May 20, 2019 at 5 p.m. central, and include the following information:
• References
• Your design(s) with colored photo and any other details to help further understanding of the project including cost (these are the items that will be included for further community input)
• Work product from actual projects designed and completed
• Bio of those that would be assigned to this project
• Experience in municipal aquatic facilities
• Whether you visited the available locations before creating your design
• An explanation of how your design meets the needs requested by our community
• Timeline for project completion
• Proposed Fee


Release of RFP – April 2, 2019
Proposals are Due – May 20, 2019
Released to the community (social media, website, City utility bill) – June 2019
Presentation from community input on designs and other information submitted
through RFP to the Governing Body – July 2019


The City may use some or all the following criteria in its evaluation and comparison of
proposals submitted. The criteria listed are not necessarily an all-inclusive list and the
order in which they appear is not intended to indicate their relative importance:
• Compliance with RFP requirements
• Community input
• Understanding of the project
• Recent experience in conducting similar scope, complexity, and magnitude for other public agencies
• Capacity and ability to complete the project in a timely manner
• Educational background, work experience, and any directly related legal experience
• Price
• References
The City may also contact and evaluate the firm’s references, contact any current user of a firm’s service, solicit information from any available source concerning any aspect of a proposal and seek and review any other information deemed pertinent to the evaluation process. The Governing Body shall not be obligated to accept the lowest priced proposal but shall make an award in the best interests of the City of Garden City. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at Hard copy proposals may be sent to the City mailing address or PO Box as shown on the letterhead, attention “City of Garden City New Municipal Aquatic Facility(ies).”

Jennifer Cunningham


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