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Decoration Removal

In order to maintain the uniformity and beauty at Valley View Cemetery and, Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery personnel is asking the public to come and pick up their grave decorations or artificial flowers that are on loved ones grave site before March 1st, so that staff can get ready for the grass growing season. If the decorations or artificial flowers are attached to the monument or in a vase they will be able to stay. Any items that are on the concrete or granite foundations will be able to stay. For further information and permission to display decorations during the dates listed above, please contact Valley View Cemetery at 620-276-1220.

Memorial Day 

Memorial Day decorations are permitted one week before and two weeks after Memorial Day. If not removed by owner, cemetery personnel shall be authorized to remove and dispose of all decorations. Persons wanting to have temporary decorations on a grave for a period not to exceed one week must get prior permission by calling the Cemetery.