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The City of Garden City enforces a strong stormwater management program. The City requires conformance to stormwater pollution standards for construction sites both during and post-construction. The City has long enforced a comprehensive set of stormwater pollution prevention standards, with particular focus on improving the quality and function of construction entrances into disturbed sites.


  • What is runoff?
  • Isn’t stormwater runoff natural and harmless because it only consists of rainwater?
  • Are sewers and storm drains the same thing?
  • What kinds of pollutants are found in the storm drain systems?
  • What solutions exist to solve storm water pollution issues?
  • What is NPDES?
  • Why doesn’t the city build a storm water treatment facility?
  • What is the city doing about illegal dumping into storm drains?
  • What kind of educational programs or informational materials about storm water are available?
  • I have seen markers on the storm drains. What do they mean? How can I get one for an unmarked drain?
  • Is it okay to wash my car on the driveway?
  • Is it okay to wash or sweep leaves, grass, soil, and/or natural elements down the storm drain?
  • Is it okay to wash out paintbrushes and similar items in the gutter?
  • Is it okay to leave pet waste on the ground?
  • Why should I care about what goes down the storm drain?
  • What can I do to make a difference?
  • What happens if I see a neighbor, or know of someone who’s dumping trash, oil, or other harmful items into a gutter or storm drain?
  • How can I get involved?
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