Secondary Power Lines

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It is a property owner's responsibility to keep tree limbs trimmed and out of secondary service lines that run to buildings or houses. If tree limbs are rubbing against the electrical lines, they could rub through the insulation and cause a short, or could cause the conductor(s) to break. Resulting in damage to sensitive electrical appliances such as computers, TV's, stereos, etc. The property owner is solely responsible for damage done to equipment due to tree limbs growing into secondary electrical service lines.

Trimming Trees

The Electric Department will lower the secondary service lines during normal working hours at no charge to the customer. Please take advantage of this free service before attempting to trim trees yourself. For more information please give us a call. If planning to do some work around the secondary line that feeds Overhead or Underground your property on the weekend please notify the Electric Department at 620-276-1290 at least three days in advance.