Rules and Regulations

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Commercial Grease Traps

Grease is one of the largest contributors to blockage in the sanitary sewer system. The owner or operator of each restaurant, convenience store or any other location where food is prepared for public consumption is responsible for servicing and routine cleaning of the grease traps at their location. The Wastewater Treatment Facility recommends cleaning grease traps on a monthly basis. Do not introduce any chemicals, bacteria or enzymes in the process of cleaning grease traps. All grease, oil, wax and fats should be removed physically and disposed of with other refuse. Grease traps are subject to routine inspections and/or surcharges and fees related to utilization of City personnel for sewer line blockage resulting from improperly maintained grease traps. See Code of Ordinances Sec 90-244 (Ordinance #2108)

On-site Sewage Dumping

The Wastewater Treatment Facility allows commercial sewage dumping on-site upon approval by the Public Utilities Director. Prior to dumping, application must be made and samples must be provided to the Wastewater Laboratory for testing to determine pollutant levels. The minimum fee for sewage dumping is $30.00 per 1,000 gallons. Commercial entities may be subject to additional sampling requirements and surcharges if pollutant levels exceed KDHE allowable limits. See Code of Ordinances Sec 90-206 for allowable limits and surcharges. See Code of Ordinances Sec 90-247 thru Sec 90-250 for liquid waste hauling requirements.