Pet Registration

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Annual Pet Registration

Does your pet need a tag?

The owner or harborer of a dog or cat over the age of four months, within the city limits, is required to be registered annually with the City of Garden City. Violation of this provision is considered a Class C offense, punishable as provided in the City's Code Section 1-8.

Acquiring a tag:

A pet tag can be obtained at the Service and Finance Department located in the City Administrative Center at 301 N 8th Street. All pets must be vaccinated for rabies within a time period and in a manner accepted by the veterinary profession. The frequency and type of vaccination shall be as prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. A copy of the rabies certificate must be presented at the time of registration.

Once your pet has been registered and required fees paid, the Service and Finance office shall deliver to owner a permanent tag containing the registered tag number and the year issued. This tag must be affixed to the collar of the animal in a manner that the tag can easily be seen by the officers of the city, and be worn by the animal at all times.


  • Spayed/Neutered: $3.00/calendar year
  • Non-Spayed/Neutered: $6.00/calendar year
  • Replacement tag: $1.00/occurrence

Pet Limit

A person may keep a combination of not more than two dogs or three cats per single family residence or individual unit in a multi-family residence, regardless of ownership.

Additional Information

View the City's Code, Chapter 10 (Animals), for all other inquiries.