Service Directory

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Auction LicenseCity Clerk(620) 276-1161
Bonfire Permits Fire Department(620) 276-1140
Building Permit Applications Neighborhood & Development(620) 276-1120
Burning Regulations Fire Department(620) 276-1140
Carnival/ Circus Permit City Clerk(620) 276-1161
Cereal Malt Beverage License City Clerk(620) 276-1161
Connect/Disconnect to City Utilities Service & Finance(620) 276-1100
Contractor Licensing Neighborhood & Development(620) 276-1120
Disposal of Grass and LeavesPublic Works(620) 276-1270
Disposal of Tree Limbs & Brush Trimmings Public Works(620) 276-1260
Fire Inspections Fire Department(620) 276-1140
Fire Station ToursFire Department(620) 276-1140
Fire Truck Appearances Fire Department(620) 276-1140
Itinerant Merchant License City Clerk(620) 276-1161
Kennel/ Cattery LicenseCity Clerk(620) 276-1161
Liquor LicenseCity Clerk(620) 276-1161
Neighborhood Revitalization ProgramNeighborhood & Development(620) 276-1120
Open Records Request FormCity Clerk(620) 276-1161
Pawnbroker LicenseCity Clerk(620) 276-1161
Pet LicenseService & Finance(620) 276-1100
Precious Metal Dealer LicenseCity Clerk(620) 276-1161
RecyclingPublic Works(620) 276-1278
Rent A TruckPublic Works(620) 276-1260
Report a Street Light OutPublic Utilities(620) 276-1290
Report a Water Problem Public Utilities(620) 276-1291
Scrap Metal Dealer LicenseCity Clerk(620) 276-1161
Sidewalk Program Public Works(620) 276-1260
Spring/Fall Clean- UpPublic Works(620) 276-1270
Storm Debris Removal Public Works(620) 276-1270
Taxi/ Limousine License City Clerk(620) 276-1161
TrashPublic Works(620) 276-1278