Sandsage Bison Range Wildlife Area

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SSWA-Cows-and-Calves_medium_thumb785 S. Hwy 83
Garden City, KS 67846
Finney County
GPS: 37.949048 -100.880998

Contact Information

Tom Norman - Area Manager
Phone: 620-276-8886
KDWP Region 3 Office phone: 620-227-8609


The Sandsage Bison Range & Wildlife Area (formally known as the Finney Game Refuge) is located approximately 0.5 miles south of Garden City on the west side of Business Highway 83. This 3, 760 acre area provides visitors a unique opportunity to view the sandsage prairie ecosystem of southwest Kansas. Not only is the area noted for its unique plant community, but it is also home to the oldest publicly owned bison herd in Kansas.


The Bison Range was established in 1916 when President Woodrow Wilson granted 3,021 acres of the Kansas National Forest holdings to the State of Kansas for use as a game preserve. Another 649 acres has been added to the original land grant bringing the property to its current size of 3,760 acres.

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