Storm Debris Removal

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Removal Policy

The City of Garden City recognizes that clean up after a significant storm event can place a strain on both the public and on City resources. To ensure that citizens are served, and that City equipment and work crews are utilized efficiently, the following policy will apply to the cleanup and disposal of tree limbs or branches caused by major wind, hail, ice, and snowstorms. It is important to remember that the street side trees are the responsibility of the property owner, not the City (Ordinance Code Chapter 94, Sec. 94-63).

  • Larger tree limbs and branches brought down as a result of a storm may be cut and stacked behind the curb of the individual's residence. The City will initiate special waste pick-ups to dispose of this type of debris. Note: City crews will not be responsible for picking up branches and debris placed in the alleys.
  • Small tree limbs no longer than four feet in length, and two inches in diameter should be disposed of in the same trash containers that are used for everyday waste. Please do not jam them into the City provided container. As necessary, put in only a few at a time between pick-ups, to allow the continued use of the container by you and your neighbors for normal trash.
  • Storm debris is considered tree limbs or branches greater than two inches in diameter that have been damaged by a storm.
  • These measures will apply, in general, to all significant storm events. However, in a catastrophic weather incident when damage is unusually heavy, as in the case of tornadoes, the City will have to implement special measures for debris removal. Public announcements will be placed in the local media (radio, TV, and newspaper) with information for this type of situation.
  • Under no circumstances should any type of storm debris be piled or pushed into the street. Such debris can end up being washed into drainage inlets in a subsequent storm clogging them and creating a flooding hazard.
  • For downed trees and limbs that residents are unable to manage on their own, City staff recommends hiring a licensed contractor. A list of arborists licensed with the City of Garden City is available here.

Remember this policy is for damaged tree limbs caused by significant storms only. Please do not trim your trees at this time as City crews will not be responsible for picking them up. The owner/occupant may choose to hire a licensed contractor to remove damaged limbs, but it is the responsibility of the contractor to haul the limbs to the landfill. The owner/occupant may haul it themselves to the kiddie pond by scheduling an appointment with the Parks Division at (620) 271-1574. The City appreciates the cooperation of the public in ensuring the timely and efficient cleanup of storm debris.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Street Division at (620) 276-1270 or e-mail at Emergency contacts should be directed to the Garden City Police Department at (620) 276-1300.